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Oatman Ghost Town

For a place that calls itself a ghost town, there are one heckuva lot of people and businesses here! Hop in the car and go there – Oatman Ghost Town is just about 15 miles southeast of Bullhead City via Silver Creek Road and County Hwy 10. Reserve your stay at Silver View RV Resort and go to Oatman. It is a real Wild West experience and fun for all ages.

Founded in 1906, the mines in Oatman produced more than 1.8 million ounces of gold turning the place into a boom town that once supported 10,000 residents, a bank, the Durlin Hotel (where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their wedding night), a church, many bars, a sheriff’s office, and peoples’ homes.

Oatman Ghost Town


After the Federal Government ordered the mines to be closed because of World War II, the town just dwindled away. Today, the place has about 100 full-time residents and is primarily a tourist town with staged gunfights and real-life burros that wander around Oatman Ghost Town doing as they please.

Burro Biscuit Toss

Oatman’s beloved burros are small donkeys that are descended from miners’ beasts of burden. There are more burros than people, and it’s not unusual to see donkeys in Oatman wandering the main drag, sticking their heads through the rails along the wood-plank sidewalks, nudging people for treats, and delighting visitors.

In fact, the burro has become such an integral part of the identity of Oatman Ghost Town that the village now plays host to an annual Burro Biscuit Tosson Labor Day Weekend, where residents and visitors alike compete to see who can throw a dried-out, gold-painted burro dropping the furthest.

No Ghosts, Just Fun in Oatman Ghost Town

Experience luxury living when you make Silver View RV Resort your home base for a visit to Oatman Ghost Town. You won’t see any ghosts, but you can get great pics of historic buildings and authentically-costumed actors, as well as finding some fun souvenirs of a day spent ghost-hunting.

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