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Finding Fire Agates

Thirty million years ago, volcanic activity forced boiling hot water into the crevices of bedrock. The water eventually cooled and the minerals the water contained hardened and became a pale, clear crystal known as Chalcedony. But when natural forces turn Chalcedony red, orange, purple and other flashy colors, we call those rare stones Fire Agates.

Fire agates are found in only a few places around the world, one of which – just outside of Oatman, Arizona – is only 15 miles away from Silver View RV Resort. You can prospect for fire agates yourself. Here’s where and how…

Fire Agates

Find Fire Agates in Oatman

Cuesta Fire Agate Mine
A privately-owned agate mine, the Cuesta permits only a few diggers per day. The basic tools required to find your fire agates are hammers (both 10lb & 3lb) chisels, screw driver or small pick, a brush, gloves, hat, bucket, and water for both drinking and spraying the rock. Digging is hard work! The mine owner will guide you to likely spots and even rent his tools if you need them.

Although there is no guarantee that you will strike paydirt, most people do come away with one or more fabulous fire agates, making the trip worthwhile.

Cuesta Fire Agate Mine is located at 9049 Oatman Rd, Kingman, AZ 86413 and is open year-round, but Autumn and Winter are better times to dig. Call (928) 565-4145 for more information.

Desert Dig-Ins
The easier way to pan for fire agates, turquoise, geodes, and gold is also in Oatman. Fun for the whole family, Desert Dig-Ins offers hand-crafted items, jewelry, and panning for gemstones amidst rustic d├ęcor. Hop in the car and come on out to 131 Oatman-Topock Hwy, Oatman, AZ 86433. Call (760) 403-2623 for more information.

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